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Design Flyers, Brochures, Certificates, Tickets

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Designing and printing flyers, brochures or certificates in Easy Flyer Creator 3.0 is very simple, and it takes only 5 minutes from designing to publishing a simple or professional document. Select a Template from the first screen and click Next Once the template is loaded then update images and... [More]

You can add a Google Map on any of the Document in Easy Flyer Creator 3.0, from Plug-ins menu, Click on Add Maps, the Type the Address and click Search to search for map in Google Maps, once you have located your address on the maps then Click Apply button, this will add the map on the Document.

You can make and publish mail merge Documents in Easy Flyer Creator 3.0 by adding Database field on to your document While you are on design screen you can click on Database Field in Plug-ins Menu Click on Browse and Choose th Data source file(ODBC, UDL, XLS, XML, CSV, mdb etc.) from your comput... [More]

Q1. Are there any built in templates available in Easy Flyer Creator 3.0?A. Easy Flyer Creator 3.0 comes with more then 100 built in templates for various industries and more can be downloaded from its website Q2. How much is the Cost of Easy Flyer Creator 3.0?A. Easy Flyer Creator 3.0 is just for ... [More]

EASY FLYER CREATOR is a MUST HAVE FOR TEACHERS! As a teacher myself I have used the software to create certificates for perfect attendance certificates for citizenship certificates for achievement and the list goes on. In addition I have used the program to create flyers for upcoming events both for... [More]


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