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Easy Flyer Creator Logo Easy Flyer Creator A Desktop Publishing Software Title Image
Now Desktop Publishing is Easy as 1.2.3
Select Template > Update Contents > Print
Easy Flyer Creator Comes with
Built in Templates for Various Industries
Advanced Image Editor to Edit and Enhance Images
Options to add Maps, Bar Codes, Qr Codes and Ms Tags
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Make Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Certificates, Tickets

Publisher App with Templates

  • Design Flyers Just In 5 min....
  • Flyer Templates, Brochures, Posters, Signs, Certificates
  • Customizable Professional Templates

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Easy Flyer Creator comes with many features that make your designs look more professional. With this program you can easily create cool looking flyers, certificates, leaflets, photo frame, door hangers and tickets. You can also print, email and upload all these designs very easily. It comes with very cool templates for certificates and flyers. All templates are arranged in the categories which help you to find out what you are looking for. There are number of built in backgrounds also available

Manoj Goel

Easy Flyer Creator (Windows Store App) has been tested for baseline compatibility with Devices running the Windows10 operating system.

Easy Flyer Creator (Windows Store App) has been tested for baseline compatibility with Devices running the Windows 8™ and Windows RT™ operating system.

Easy Flyer Creator (Desktop) has been tested for baseline compatibility with Devices running the Windows 8™ operating system.

Easy Flyer Creator is fully Compatible with Windows 7


Easy Flyer Creator - Most Advanced & Easy to use Publishing Application To Design Create Print Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Certificates, Tickets, Posters, Signs and similar documents from templates

Introducing Easy Flyer Creator ! A simple, easy to use Desktop Publishing software application, designed to help you create, design, print, share your Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Certificates, Photo Frames, Door Hangers, Tickets, Posters, Signs from built-in Templates.  Most important of all, you don't need to be a  graphics designer or publishing expert because it automatically builds your flyers and other publishing material for you. Just provide photos and details and Easy Flyer Creator does the rest for you.
Please see Videos for more details and working of Easy Flyer Creator and Download the Easy Flyer Creator 4.1 version or Windows 8 Version of the App from Windows Store

What's New in Easy Flyer Creator

Flyer TemplatesBuilt-in Flyer Templates - More Professional Flyers Templates, Certificates, Door Hangers, Invitations, Event Flyers Templates, Posters & multi-fold brochure templates more...

Ticket TemplatesBuilt-in Ticket Templates - Add Ticket Numbers or Serial Numbers to Documents or Tickets(Not available in Windows Store App)  

Mail Merge DocumentsMail Merge Documents - Create Mail Merge Documents by adding Database fields to the Document  (Not Available in Windows Store App)

Multi Touch ZoomingMulti touch Zooming - Lets you pinch to zoom images and text on Multi-Touch Enabled PC like Touch Smart PCs and Tablet PCs

QR Code, MS Tags , BarCodeBarcode, QR Code and Microsoft Tags - Add Barcodes including QR Code and Microsoft Tags

Google Maps to the DocumentGoogle Maps - Add Google maps to the Flyer Document  

Images from CameraCapture Live Image from built In Camera - Capture live image from tablet's or laptops built-in camera

Advanced Image EditorAdvance Image Editor - Lets you edit, Crop and add filter effects to images more...

Image and Photo MaskingImage Masking - Apply various masks to the images in document


How to Make Flyer, Brochure, Certificates

Create Flyers, Brochures, Certificates and other Desktop Publishing in three steps:

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Videos Easy Flyer Creator Software Flyer Creator - Designs, Print and Share Flyers the Easy way

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Download Easy Flyer Creator Now 

Purchase Easy Flyer Creator License Just for US $39.99/-

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Easy Flyer Creator has Built-In Free Templates for Various Industries

Easy Flyer Creator professional and business templates make it easy, It has a family of full-color, customizable, and easy-to-use flyer templates. Choose from a plethora of different themes and color schemes. Then add in your own text, insert your images, print and distribute.

Easy Flyer Creator comes with built in Templates like Real Estate Flyer Templates, Travel and Tourism Flyer templates, Business Flyer Templates, Event Flyer Templates, Certificate and Awards Templates, Brochure Designs, Hotels Flyer Designs, Party Invitations, Coupons Designs, Tickets or additional professional and customizeable templates can also downloaded from online Templates Marketplace, so you guarantee beautiful document printing every time.

Why Easy Flyer Creator

  • Desktop Publishing for home, small, medium size business and organizations, whether you are a small real estate business, Institute, Showroom, Fashion Industry, Artist, Retailer, General Store or some kind of club, hotel or event organizer you can find templates and designs in Easy Flyer Creator that fits your need. And even if you like a flyer design in some other business category, you can still customize it to make your own flyer or brochure. See some of the built in flyers, brochures and certificates templates in Flyers Templates (Pictures & Images) section of this site

  • Add Google Maps directly on the Document

  • Built-in Barcode, QR Code and Microsoft Tags Generator lets you add smart phone readable tags and barcodes on your document

  • Capture and take Live Images from Webcam of your Laptop, Netbook or Tablet PC and insert them into your Document

  • Use Mail Merge option to get contacts and data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV files, XML files and other Databases

  • With Easy Flyer Creator you get a lot of free updates, add-ons and new templates designs which you can download from its website after your purchase the program

  • Update and Enhance Images using Advanced Image Editor

  • Save your Flyers, Brochures and certificates in PDF format, JPG, PNG, TIFF and other Image Formats

  • Create and Send as HTML Email

  • Spend less time desining a flyer for your business and in most of the cases professional flyers can be published and printed in less than 5 minutes

Why print your own promotional or marketing materials

There are many good reasons for creating or printing invitations flyers, brochures and other marketing material yourself:

  • Represent your business, organization or event with style and professionalism

  • Be in control of the way your business is seen

  • Save money and time by avoiding expensive print shops and specialty stores that often require a minimum print run or charge extra for small print runs

  • Prevent waste by printing only what you need

  • Easily make changes or update content in templates

  • With many styles and colors to choose from, Easy Flyer Creator built-in Templates make it easy to get the quality results you want

Create a perfect flyer or brochure design

There are several key elements to creating an effective and professional flyer design:

  • Get their attention - Create a hook or an attention-grabbing headline that will draw your audience in and pique their interest
  • Do not bury crucial information - Make sure the most important facts are clear and prominent, so your audience can easily find the information they need (who, what, where, when, why, etc.)
  • Keep it simple - Be sure the language in your flyer or brochure design is straightforward and easy to read. If too lengthy or wordy, your audience may lose interest or miss valuable information
  • Add Maps, QR Codes, or Microsoft Tags - Add Maps, QR Code or Microsoft Tags to your Document where ever possible, so viewers can get your contact information by all means
  • Proofread content - Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes by taking advantage of the spelling and grammar checks on your computer's word processing application
  • Inspect the details - Be sure to check the content of your flyer or brochure for accuracy. Incomplete or incorrect information will make your organization look unprofessional, or worse, send people to the wrong place. Before flyer printing can be done with confidence, these steps must be taken

Tips for good flyer design

An aesthetically pleasing brochure or professional flyer design is much more likely to grab attention and get your message across. If creating your own brochure or designing custom flyers from scratch, follow these tips for a winning design:

  • Use color - Print your flyer or brochure in full color. Bold colors stand out and grab attention, and coordinating the colors of your photos, text and background will make your messaging more cohesive
  • Add photos - The right photos will add interest and emotion to your flyer or brochure design, and can help establish the tone of your piece. Use your own photos or search for royalty-free images online
  • Use restraint - Avoid losing key pieces of information in a cluttered, over-designed layout. Use discretion in your design, and don't be afraid to leave white space. Remember simplicity is key!
  • Print on quality paper - Your brochures or flyers will look their best when printed on quality papers, preferably on glossy paper. Printing invitations, brochures and flyers that look professional is all about the details and quality paper makes all the difference


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